October 15, 2012

Year Round School Pros

Year Round Schooling has both its good sides and it’s bad sides, but I will be talking about the good things. A good thing about year round schooling is that kids can have more frequent breaks during the school year; with this they are less likely to forget the things they learned over the break. Year round schooling also has a continuous education system so students can go over the things they last learned quickly.

With shorter and more frequent breaks more parents will want to enroll their kids in the school.Instead of long vacations there are shorter breaks .This allows a different time slot for a group of new students to enroll in, then the other group would start late or early at a different time period while still learning the same things as the other kids.

This year round schooling is used in some states and countries such as Arizona, New Zealand, and Australia. For example New Zealand has four ten week terms with two week vacations in between.Also some of the schools can be competitive when it comes to the number of students that have learn alot of information and have a good learning environment. The schooling rules at Arizona are that they start school on July 18, six weeks earlier than most other kids start at. Some students say, “I love this modified calendar for schooling.” School statistics show that they have a very high scoring in their test results from all students in that school. Other people also like year round school. There are two mom’s who have year round school’s in their community the names are Peggy Gisler and Marge Eberts. This is what they had to say, “What's different about year-round schools is that the days are arranged differently. Instead of the traditional nine months of school and long summer vacation, the students have several short vacations all through the year.” There are many advantages to year round school but I would like to know what you think.


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